Words of Inspiration…Loving Kindness

Are there people in your life that you find challenging? Open your heart wider than it has ever been opened before and send Loving Kindness to these challenging ones. Say to them: May you be healthy, May you be safe, May you have ease of mind and body, May you be at peace. Ask that they open their hearts and that the light that shines in brings them comfort and kindness. So be it and So it is. JSS

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“Our purpose is to shine a light on your life’s purpose.” Through Wisdom Teachings and Circles we share information that will give you  tools to demystify old triggers, patterns, beliefs and stressors and move into a new reality of unconditional love, compassion, kindness and courage; a journey home to your soul’s true purpose.

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Garden Teachings

Sacred Garden is a place of peace and tranquility. The herbs, trees, flowers, vegetables, birds and bees that occupy Sacred Garden are imbued with a wonderful Sacred Energy. From Spring to Fall the Garden is a place of ceremony and ritual. Each day we greet the garden and ask it for permission to enter, sit, pray and work. The Garden is resting now and getting restless waiting for the warmth of spring. As the sun warms the earth we will be working in the Garden once more, holding Medicine Wheel Walks and Plant Spirit Medicine Teachings.

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Connecting to Starlight

Have you ever wanted to connect to the Stars? Well this is the time to do it. We will access the energy of the Stars to inspire us to:

  • release and let go of old patterns and beliefs
  • make room for and embrace change and healing
  • open to unconditional love and acceptance
  • recognize and claim our inner knowing and power
  • realize the potential we have as we work together to make a difference

The Starry Ones tell us it is time to join together, set aside our egos and open to love, light, harmony and balance.

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Jo-Ann Sacred Sister’s Journey

Sacred Garden Spiritual Healing Centre was opened in 2004 by Jo-Ann Sacred Sister Crechiolo and is owned and operated by Jo-Ann Crechiolo-Anderson and her loving and supportive husband David Anderson. Jo-Ann’s spiritual journey began in 1992 when she was faced with a life-threatening health challenge. With support from friends, family, the medical system and an amazing Reiki Master she survived to tell the tale. But it wasn’t until 1997 that she seriously began to walk her path.

She began her journey at the Buddhist Dharma Centre in Kinmount Ontario. The kindness, the openness and the quiet introspective life appealed to her. While she was there she met a Norwegian Shaman who was offering teachings on Shamanism which highly resonated with her. Back home at a Wellness event she was introduced to Whispering Song Teaching Lodge run by a Medicine Woman. She joined them on a trip to Sedona, Arizona and knew she had finally found her path. She travelled to many Sacred Sites and studied with Whispering Song from 1998- 2005. Each Sacred Journey opened a new door for her. She discovered her heart, her soul, her intuition and her connection to the Earth. In the process she went though many lessons and learnings as she let go of of old patterns and beliefs she had been carrying around since childhood. During A Fire Ceremony she was given her Medicine name “Sacred Sister” and it has served her well on her journey.

When Jo-Ann Sacred Sister opened Sacred Garden her intention was to offer Shamanic Healing Sessions, Teaching Circles and Meditation Coaching. With the wisdom she has gathered and her connection to the Starry Ones she now offers Shamanic Journeys, Star-Based Energy Healing, Meditation Coaching, Stress Management and Empowerment Workshops, Plant Spirit Medicine Circles and Medicine Wheel Walks.

One of the gifts Jo-Ann Sacred Sister received late in life is the connection to her Starry Ancestors and she can truly say she is a child of the stars, a Star Shaman. The Starry Ones gifted her with their Star Light Language songs and messages which she channels during her coaching and healing sessions. Jo-Ann Sacred Sister honours those who come to Sacred Garden for spiritual guidance.

Her mantra is: “Our purpose is to shine a light on your purpose and support you as you unfold the inner beauty of your soul.”    

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