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Photo by from Pexels with confidence… We communicate with others every day, at home, at work, in shops or schools and how we communicate is important. Our communication style tends to define us and lets others know what our boundaries and limits are! ! If you are used to being pushed around, bullied or just talked into things then you may need to polish your communication skills. On the other hand if you are always the one who reacts, gets angry, indignant and out of sorts don’t count yourself out, you are also in need of some new skills! !

Assertiveness is not being aggressive and not being meek but being able to stand up for yourself, act in your own best interests, stop pleasing everyone else and express your feelings honestly and comfortably without hurting others or yourself! ! Active listening is being present for the speaker and listening for what is not being said, not fixing or thinking ahead but actually “listening to the feelings behind the message”. Empathy and feedback are ways of staying in your heart and not being judgmental, defensive or patronizing ! !

This workshop will give you the tools to improve your communication skills through a strong foundation of assertiveness skills, active listening, empathy and feedback. Old communication styles that limit your effectiveness and cause undue overreaction, doubt, guilt or resentment will disappear.

If you are ready, willing and open to change then this interactive, non-judgmental, empowering workshop is for you !

This program will be offered on-line. Contact us for dates and times.

This workshop can also be offered on-site as part of Organizational Wellness and Professional Development programs. If you wish to book a workshop at your site please fill out the contact form. We would be honored to be part of your event. 

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