Connecting to the Starry Ones
At the event in March 2014 I revealed for the first time the 5 Wisdom Wheels of the Starry Ones and how by engaging them we can step into our plan and purpose and embrace our gifts and abilities. By no means an easy journey it is one we must take to bring peace, quiet, tranquility and stillness into our hearts and souls. The premise of this work is that together we can make a difference to this wonderful planet Earth. We can bring more love, acceptance and light into the world and share it with others and thus influence how the world unfolds for the next seven generations. 

There will be teachings, exercises and meditations to open you to your inner strength and power. It is an exciting time, we are all connected and together we will make a difference. If any of this rings true for you then join us on November 15, 2014 where we will connect with the Sacred Stones in Sacred Garden and listen to their wisdom. The Stones are the oldest beings on earth and carry much wisdom. They are ready and willing to share what they know as you continue on the road to en-light-en and involve your hearts and souls in making this world a better place.


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