Manifest Change through Choice

Five Wisdom Wheels

DSCF2179Connecting to Starlight: The Five Wisdom Wheels of the Starry Ones

Have you ever wanted to connect to the Stars? In this workshop we will access the energy of the Stars to inspire us to:

  • release and let go of old patterns and beliefs
  • make room for and embrace change and healing
  • open to unconditional love and acceptance
  • recognize and claim inner knowing and power
  • realize the potential as we work together to make a difference

How do we do this? Well, the Starry Ones tell us that it is time for us to join together, set aside our egos and open to love, light, harmony and balance. They have gifted me their Five Wisdom Wheels to help us along the way. 

We begin with looking inside to see what strengths you have to facilitate change.

  • How is your heart? is it open to love and being loved?
  • How is your soul? Does it sing when you do something amazing?
  • How do you feel about yourself? Do you spend a lot of time beating yourself up and judging your every move? Maybe you don’t think you do this to yourself but do you do it to others? When you judge others, verbally or in the secret sanctimonious self-righteous space in your mind, you are not only chastising them but also acknowledging your own deficiencies. I know we all like to think we are perfect and that we couldn’t possible do things others do but the reality is that we are all connected and none of us are perfect beings. As soon as judgment stops miracles begin to happen.

When we come into this world we are innocent until we are exposed to our families, friends, the beliefs systems in the schools, newspapers, politics, clubs etc. If we are lucky we form an opinion or two of our own that we believe defines us. If you could go back to the beginning what would that innocence look like?  What do you think you lost when you lost that innocence? The Five Wisdom Wheels of the Starry Ones will be the guides that will take you on the journey home to your innocence.

This workshop is offered as an on-line series.. For more information fill out the Workshop Request form on this page.

“I feel I now have more tools to help me on my path.” PM “This was a good way to reflect on areas that I would like to work on in my journey.”JR “Very peaceful, gentle, supportive environment. No judgment or imposing on people’s experiences but space was made for each person to unfold their experience in an organic way.”MB “This workshop was perfect and I am glad I came. I felt lots of emotions that allowed me to understand myself better. My experience was exhilarating. I feel opened up.”KK Testimonials

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