Leaving STRESS-Land

Harmony and Balance ...The Path to Stress Management and Self-Empowerment
Move Into Balance

Move Into Balance

Are you Ready and willing to retreat from the Land of STRESS?    Balancing what we do in our life to bring us into a place of Balance is not always easy. We get busy, tied up in work or personal issues as our own self-care suffers and we feel anxious and stressed. What if we could alleviate the stress and anxiety by looking honestly and openly at what is out of balance in our life. Stress does not need to overwhelm us. We can put it into perspective and say to ourselves:

  • How can I decrease the stress in my life?
  • What part do I play in the stressful situations in my life?

This workshop will look at the lack of harmony and balance in all aspects of our life: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. We will explore how to achieve balance using the Five Wisdom Wheels of: willingness, insight, self-responsibility, determination and meditation. This is an interactive workshop where you will observe how you react to stress triggers, how to detach from them, change the context, pause, change your response and watch the stress dissolve. 

This workshop has been offered in on-site Organizational Wellness and Professional Development Programs. If you wish to book a workshop at your Workplace, contact us using the form on this page and we will get back to you to discuss dates, times and cost. This workshop will also be offered on-line. Add your name to the contact list for dates and times.

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Participant Testimonial
“This session helped me evaluate stressful situations in my life and balance myself better at work and at home.” “I learned applicable strategies for dealing with workplace stress and stress in life generally.” “This workshop helped me see the lack of balance in my life and how to reach balance.” “This session was an excellent wellness opportunity for staff, please offer more like this.”

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