2018 is going to be a great year. I can feel it in my bones. This is a time for New Beginnings, attitudes, insights, behaviours and dreams: whatever will help us learn and grow. My dreams and aspirations for 2018 are beckoning and they focus mostly on creativity and fun; writing, drawing, collage, a new skill or language and spend more time in meditation and reflection and honour my spiritual path.

What are your dreams for this new year? Many years ago I created a vision dream board. I chose pictures and words from old magazines and pasted them on a large piece of bristol board and created a collage of what was to come. Some of the words and pictures on my vision dream board were; attain harmony of body, mind and spirit; enjoy retirement; just be in the silence; move with grace; embrace passion; make every moment count and never forget that in every story there is a beautiful journey. Today I look at that board and I realize that my dreams have manifested. I set up a spiritual practice of healing and teaching, I met the man of my dreams, we were wed and are still blissfully happy, I retired from corporate work and followed my spiritual calling.

You can manifest your dreams. To begin, create a vision dream board. 

  • Go inside, meditate, ask your guides and helpers to show you your dreams, to open the veil so you can truly see. 
  • Ask yourself what is I want in my life that isn’t there right now? What have I been putting on hold? What is next for me? What will bring me ultimate joy?
  • Now look for pictures, words in magazines, on the internet…cut them out of books or print them and paste them on a large piece of paper or bristol board. Be creative. Position everything so it speaks to you. Draw, do some fancy writing, add dried flowers or herbs, some small crystals, old photographs. Whatever it takes. 
  • Watch with wonder as your dreams burst out of your heart and come to life on the paper. 
  • Hang your board somewhere you will see it every day. Take time to pause in front of it and let the dreams wander gracefully into your daily life. 
  • Do something each day to make your dreams a reality.
  • Most of all have fun, trust and believe.

Here are some New Beginnings affirmations to help you on your way….

  • This year I choose happiness, wellness, love and light.
  • I can clearly see the blessings in my world and I am ready to live them.
  • I am open, willing and worthy of receiving new beginnings in my life.
  • I embrace my dreams with passion and joy. 
  • I am successful in all that I do.

Remember, from little seedlings big dreams grow….

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