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"For thousands of years shamans, have journeyed to other realities to bring back energy, guidance and wisdom from spirit helpers for the health, balance and wholeness of their people." JSS

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Shamans and many who practice Shamanism have the ability to go into a trance and travel to a lower or higher reality. The purpose of this travel is to bring back information and light to a client. The journey is enhanced with the steady beating of a drum.  Using the drum and soft spoken guidance a shamanic practitioner assists a client to journey to the lower or higher world where they may meet an animal totem, an angel guide or an ascended master. Once there the client can spend some time with their totem or guide and even ask questions and receive answers in words, feelings or senses. Journeys usually take less than 30 minutes and vary with each person. Once more we say you are totally protected at all times on these journeys. The more you can go in to the journey the more you learn to help you on your earth walk.

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Shamanism is the oldest healing practice know to humankind. It has been around for thousand of years and practiced mostly among indigenous tribes by indigenous shamans. These days many people are practicing shamanic healing and yet that does not necessarily mean they are shamans. To become a shaman takes many years, many sacrifices and some time this privilege is passed down from generation to generation.

At Sacred Garden Spiritual Centre, Jo-Ann Sacred Sister (JSS) offers Shamanic practices that she learned from a Shaman in Norway, a Medicine Woman, Seer in North America and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. JSS also embodies a Spirit Guide Shaman from Thailand whose work she experienced in a previous life. This Guide shows her his practice, shares his sounds and his drumming and he loves to dance and move as he practices. This he shares with JSS when he is called to assist her in the Shamanic practices she carries out. Other guides that assist JSS are the Starry Ones. She is a channel for their Star light language that they send to her in the form or songs and messages. All of this works together for JSS in Star-based Shamanic Healing.

Generally the purpose of Shamanic Healing Practices is to clear out or extract blocks in a clients aura, energy field and chakras, to connect with spirit guides or helpers and possibly connect with a client’s inner landscape, animal totem or angel guide. These sessions may open a client to emotions to be processed but the entire practice is safe and full of wonder and magic and new beginnings. The work does not end when the session is over, it begins for the client to put into practice what they have learned. 

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