Soul Coaching

"When we undergo trauma, parts of our soul go into hiding. When these parts return, embrace them, welcome them and love their innocence and creativity." JSS

IMG_1125 We are all souls in human bodies and we came to this lifetime to fulfill our soul’s purpose. When we were born we had an idea of what that was but after much socializing, listening and schooling we have forgotten. As we grow we create filters that only show the world what we want them to see or what they want to see. Soul Communication Coaching show us how to remove the filters and see what is really underneath, who we really are. Throughout life we go through ups and down, hills and valleys and each one contributes to our soul’s purpose. Each is a lesson and learning After each event the most important question we can ask ourselves is: What did I learn? JSS has been gifted from the Starry Ones with a process of 5 Wisdom Wheels which will help you discern what it is you are not seeing, what is not being said and what you need to to take responsibility for so that you can remove the filters and be reconnected to your soul’s purpose. This is a six-week healing process that you can do privately or in a group. All you need to begin is the willingness to look inside and let go of all fears, hesitations and resistance you have been carrying inside yourself.

If you are ready to open to your soul’s true purpose contact Jo-Ann Sacred Sister for a consultation by completing the service request form on this page to set up an appointment.

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