Star Based Shamanic Healing

"Our Intent is to sustain your personal growth as you walk the path of Self-Empowerment."

DSC_2283 We are all connected and not only to each other but to Mother Earth, the Universe, its stars, planets and galaxies The Starry Ones have gifted Sacred Sister, Star Shaman with a unique Star-Energy practice that opens and clears our spiritual power centres and fills them with the love, light, harmony and balance of the stars.The healing of body, mind and spirit that manifests during a Star Energy Session comes through guides and helpers that work with Sacred Sister. Shamanic Extraction, Soul Retrieval and an infusion of Star Energy are dynamics that are involved in this celestial based healing and coaching process. Results that may manifest include:

  • Release of old patterns, blocks, fears and traumas
  • Connecting with your Inner Landscape and retrieving the┬áparts of your soul that past traumas have scared away
  • New energy and a rekindling of your innate gifts and abilities
  • Opening to your soul’s true essence and your life’s purpose

During this one-on-one work Sacred Sister acts as channel and counsellor to help you move to a place in your life’s journey that will align you with your soul’s purpose and reignite your gift’s and abilities. We offer this work in various packages that consist of a combination of Soul Coaching and Healing sessions.

To help you decide what is right for you we offer a free consultation with Sacred Sister. To set up your free consultation use the service request form on this page.

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