Meditation Circle

Only when you access that still point within and are willing to diligently practice meditation can you get out of your own way and find your soul’s true purpose. As you come into the present moment you will be able to claim the beauty of your soul. Join the Meditation Circle with Sacred Garden and experience the magic of being in the now and letting go of your ego. Don’t let your life slip by with constant diversions that take you out of the present moment.  Be here now and claim your power.

Shamanic Journey 


We all have an inner shaman and the ability to journey to non-ordinary realities. All we need is to do is trust and travel with someone trained to facilitate the journey. When we travel to the Lower World we meet with our animal allies or totems. In the Upper World we meet with our Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters. The benefits of journeying are: restoration of power; removal of blockages that cause physical or mental illness; a more energized and balanced body, mind, and spirit; a feeling of calm, peace and relaxation and the growth of innate wisdom. The practice of Shamanic Journeying offers a way to allow your soul’s true purpose to shine through and moves you to a place of self-empowerment and self-healing.

Walk the Medicine Wheel

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At this time we are being called to share the magic of the Medicine Wheel to help you discern the aspect of truth that will guide you on your path. Each position of the Medicine Wheel stands for an aspect of truth  represented by a colour. Whichever position calls to you is the one you need to pay attention to. It may mean to live your truth, know your truth, speak you truth: there are thirteen choices. When you are clear which position is calling to you can apply that aspect of the truth to your life and let go of old beliefs, attitudes and stories and stand in a place of integrity, a place of truth. When you “Change Your Choices you Change Your Life”.

Plant Spirit Medicine

Have ever wondered what the plants would tell us if they could speak our language? Well, if you have then this workshop is for you. The energy from the stars are calling me to share this transformational experience with you. 

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